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Dare to Empower (ebook)

What will this book bring you?

Ready to break free from the unentitled mindset and express your full potential? 

24 hours after reading this book, your mindset will start to shift from being passive to become the main character of your life by empowering every decision you make.  
In her second book, Cloé shares her learning on Women Leadership from her own experience as a woman, as a leader and as an executive coach of hundreds of women over the last 25 years. In her book, Dare to Empower, Cloé walks you through the 5 key shifts to break free from an unentitled mindset and express your full potential. 

  1. Transcending your imposter syndrome to be in your power 
  2. Overcoming the myth of perfection and gain balance in your life 
  3. Making your voice heard and be more influential 
  4. Building your village and leverage it 
  5. Investing in yourself and increase your value in the marketplace 


Available in PDF and ePUB format. 

The ePub format emphasizes the fluidity of the layout, which optimizes reading comfort. However, it is not intended for printing. 

The PDF format is basically a print format. As it is tolerated by all media, it is practical for reading a document on the screen and leafing through it online. However, it relies on a static layout. 

*Most tablets and e-readers are compatible with both formats. But there are exceptions. 


What People Are Saying:

"This book is a complete and well structured tool for any woman who wants to acknowledge her current situation, reflect and engage in concrete actions to lead, inspire, be and feel right at her best potential in the role she is in, and the one(s) she wants to reach"

Aurelie Puech Manager, Global Strategic Sourcing, Mergers & Acquisitions Integration, CAE

I got so much out of this book and highly recommend it to anyone in leadership or for those who aspire to grow into a leadership role. This book walks you through development and gives guide and advice on how to communicate with others who may have a different leadership/communication style so that you are truly heard. This book is pure gold!"

Amanda Shriver, Fleet Planner Manager, CAE